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Spiritual India Trip (Oct. 15-28, 2019)


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Yoga Vacation in Kerala, India (Nov. 10-23, 2019)


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Om Shanti Yoga Retreat I - Photo Gallery (Jogi is not currently organizing Om Shanti Yoga Retreats)

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    "The Om Shanti Retreat that Jogi Bhagat and his team created far exceeded my expectations. It was better than any retreat -- religious or secular, business or pleasure -- that I have ever attended. When we left the beautiful setting, we were refreshed in body, mind and spirit. Thank you Jogi!"
    -Marie Jensen

    "I can’t say enough good things about the yoga retreat. Jogi planned and executed his first-ever retreat like a pro, and I look forward to the next one. The variety of speakers and classes offered something for everyone, and (Radha Madav Dham) was a beautiful location. Om Shanti was the perfect name for the retreat – peace and calm surrounded all of us."
    -Joyce Goodman

    "Jogi’s classes create a rare quiet space , both internally and externally, a space to “relax your heart”. His classes move at a gentle pace, each doing what they can, according to their own abilities. The emphasis is on breathing and awareness, not an aerobic race. I didn’t think I could integrate a yoga class in my busy work day, but I have found I crave those moments, and am always fed and refreshed by making the time for these classes.
    The Retreat was especially sweet. I was especially moved by seeing the experience of people who had never been to any sort of yoga or meditation retreat. Having a chance to share our quiet moments in an atmosphere of beauty, good food, and with gifted teachers was indeed a blessing.
    While some moments of yoga feel like an “escape” from the whirlwind energy of everyday life, I am slowly appreciating and practicing the opportunities to integrate that “yoga mind” into the other moments of my fast and busy life.
    Om shanti,
    -Nancy Riley

    "Well, the retreat was such a delight for me. It served as a great way to get centered and relaxed. I had a slightly difficult re-entry into the “real world”, wishing I was back there. I’ve experienced that before. But reality takes over and you get the opportunity to use your new skills for staying centered. You did a fine job, as I know you’ve been told many times."
    -Pattie Meyers

Om Shanti Yoga Retreat - IV


Friday, April 25 (4 p.m.) to Sunday, April 27 (4 p.m.), 2014


Yoga Teachers in Austin





Ancient Yoga Center (400, Barsana Rd. Austin, TX-78737 – just 17 miles from downtown Austin) is a world away from the demands of daily life. The natural landscape, spread over 200 acres, creates ideal areas for outdoor fun activities, Yoga and meditation. Enjoy Ashram life, peach orchards, walking trails, healing, wildflower fields, a natural stream, hills, clean air, the shade of live oak trees, colorful peacocks, outdoor dining and more (


(I) Retreat Price: $350
Early Bird Price for a limited number of people (prior to April 20th, 2014) -
$300: For one person
$255 for each person if two or more people are signing up together.

You have the option to stay together or in separate rooms, as per your own choice.

(II) Accommodation at the Retreat is optional. The above retreat price does not include the cost of accomodation. In case you don't plan to stay at the Ashram during the retreat, please visit the following link for more information: FAQ.

Accommodation Rates (healthy vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner included)
Rooms with shared hall bath: Per person/per day
4+people - $80
3 people - $90
2 people - $100
1 person - $120

Rooms with private attached bath: Per person/per day
4+ people - $95
3 people - $105
2 people - $115
1 person - $135


Payment should be made online or by check in favor of Jogi Bhagat and can be mailed to the following address:
10008 Mount Rainier Drive,


FRIDAY APRIL 25th, 2014
Time Ancient Yoga Center (Upstairs)
04:00-05:00 PM Welcome Yoga Class - JOGI
05:00-05:30 PM Getting familiar with Radha Madhav Dham Ashram (Meet in front of Ancient Yoga Center)
05:45-06:45 PM DINNER
07:00-07:30 PM Orientation
07:45-09:00 PM Kirtan concert by AOL Team
07:00-08:00 AM Blissful Yoga and Meditation at Maharas Mandal (weather permitting) - JOGI
08:00-09:00 AM BREAKFAST
09:15-10:30 AM Finding Balance Through Diet and Lifestyle: An Ayurvedic Approach - A Workshop by KERRY
10:45-12:00PM Yoga For Peace of Mind: A Yoga class by JOGI
12:00-01:00 PM LUNCH
01:00-02:00 PM FREE TIME
02:00-03:15 PM Spirituality and Activism: A talk by REV. JIM RIGBY
03:15-03:45 PM Tea Break
03:45-05:45 PM Rest and Restore: An Evening Yoga Practice by ZAKIYYAH
05:45-06:45 PM DINNER
06:45-07:30 PM Tuning with Nature (Evening walk) - JOGI
07:45-09:00 PM Bharat Natyam Dance - A Lecture Demonstration by ANURADHA
SUNDAY APRIL 27th, 2014
07:00-08:00 AM Blissful Yoga and Meditation at Maharas Mandal (Weather permitting) - JOGI
08:00-09:00 AM BREAKFAST
09:15-10:30 AM Living a Life That Matters: A talk by REV. RICHARD IMPRESCIA
10:45-12:00 PM Rise Shine Renew - Start Your Day Right With Yoga: A Yoga class by ZAKIYYAH
12:00-01:00 PM LUNCH
01:00-02:00 PM FREE TIME
02:00-02:30 PM Closing ceremony at Maharas Mandal (weather permitting!)
02:45-04:00 PM Search for Happiness: Guided Deep Relaxation followed by an Interactive Discussion: Led by JOGI

Following are the details of our presenters and their classes and workshops:

Anuradha Naimpally
Anuradha Naimpally has been dancing worldwide for over 30 years. Her mesmerizing performances have gained her many accolades in Canada, India, and the US. Amongst her many honors, she is the only Indian dancer to win the prestigious Jacqueline LeMieux Prize from the Canada Council in 1989. In India, she was bestowed the title of “Sringara Mani” at the Kal-ke-Kalakar Festival in 1990. In her current home of Austin, Texas, she was named Best Dancer by the Austin Area Critics’ Circle in 2001, and nominated numerous times, including 2011. Her recent production, Parampara, was awarded the coveted Best Dance Concert award for 2011 and was named by the Austin Chronicle as one of the top five performances of 2011.

Both a popular performer and teacher, Anuradha teaches classes and directs diverse cultural projects through her organization, Austin Dance India, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2011. She trains students in the Tanjavur style of Bharata Natyam, a legacy of her gurus Pt VJ Pillai and Smt Jayashree Pillai and their guru, respected scholar and master Acharya Parvati Kumar.

Along with performing and teaching, Anuradha is passionate about arts in education. She conducts assembly performances on Indian dance and culture in Central Texas schools and libraries as well as ongoing movement classes based on academic curriculum. With a B.A. in Philosophy and M.F.A. in Dance from Canada, her traditional dance training from India, and a long time practice of yoga, Anuradha integrates many aspects of her diverse life experience into her presentations. She brings a unique approach to the art with both tradition and innovation.

Lecture-Demonstration - A presentation by Anuradha Naimpally
Bharata Natyam is an ancient form of temple dance that grew in the South of India. Although now a theater art, it still maintains a deep spiritual meaning, depicting not only the multitude of human emotions within relationships but also the universal search for oneness with higher consciousness.

In this presentation, Anuradha begins by placing this art form within a historical and cultural context. She then presents technical aspects in terms of physicality as well as emotive expressions. Drawing connections with traditional fine arts and other ancient practices such as yoga, Anuradha also points out the unique features of the form. She concludes with a performance of traditional dances highlighting salient features of the Bharata Natyam repertoire.


Jim Rigby
Jim Rigby is pastor of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas. Jim works on issues of racial, gender and economic justice. Jim was named "Texas Public Citizen of the Year" by the National Association of Social Workers. He is also a student of world religions. His writings can be found on

Sprituality and Activism - A talk by Jim Rigby
We will discuss how a living spiritual practice calls us to care for all sentient beings, which in our day means working to save the earth and for universal human rights.


Jogi Bhagat, (RYT 500)
Jogendra “Jogi” Bhagat, RYT(500), a Certified Yoga Instructor and Yoga Therapist, has attended many Yoga courses and retreats in India, Europe and US during the last 28 years, including residential courses at Svyasa University, Bangalore and Teacher Training in Yoga Therapy at Yoga Vidya University, Nasik in India. He had the honor of studying Yoga therapy from some of the best living Yoga Masters, including T.K.V. Desikachar and Swami Ramdev. He has been teaching in Austin since 2005. He works with people of all ages, sizes, challenges and various ailments. He conducts classes and workshops at Yoga studios, wellness centers, retreats and conferences for general fitness as well as for different ailments like back pain, arthritis, hypertension, asthma, digestive disorders, depression and diabetes etc. Students tend to stick to his classes as they discover more benefits than they expected. Click here to read more.

Blissful Yoga
Imagine that your body is dancing on the rhythm of your breath through g e n t l e and s l o w Yogic movements in the perfect weather under the blue sky, hundreds of birds chirping, dancing peacocks are your cheer leaders, some devotees chanting and worshiping and much more... you are bound to merge into a blissful state. Please don't miss this opportunity. Come and join us to have this divine experience.

Yoga for Peace of Mind - A yoga class by Jogi Bhagat
Discover how Yoga can lead you to celebration of life and a state of total bliss. A combination of Mantra, meditation, movement and Mudra-s will help you to get rid of your guilt and regret of the past as well as worries and anxiety of the future. We will incorporate the power of sound as a tool for creating harmony in body, mind and spirit. Come ready to release tension, strengthen your body and connect with your Self.

Search for Happiness: Guided Deep Relaxation followed by an Interactive Discussion: Led by Jogi Bhagat
All of us are struggling hard to search happiness in our activities like travel, food, possessions and relationships etc. But, are we succeeding and getting it more and more as we grow? Come let us find out together what "happiness" is and how it might be attained. We will quieten our mind through guided deep relaxation, write our thoughts in our journals in silence and then share our thoughts with our friends. Please bring your journal with you.


Kerry Meath-Sinkin
Kerry has been actively practicing and studying holistic health for the last seventeen years. She graduated with honors from Brown University, with a Masters in Public Health from UT Health Science Center of Houston, completed her Yoga Teacher Certification in Washington D.C., and spent 2007 through 2009 training in depth at The Ayurveda Institute with Dr. Vasant Lad and Dr. Claudia Welch. She is currently a member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association, serves on the Faculty Texas A & M College of Medicine, Sundara Yoga Therapy, Beauty Blossom Birth, and Yoga Illumined. She feels blessed to have learned with outstanding teachers and hopes to honor them by helping others find greater joy and balance through Ayurveda.

Finding Balance through Diet and Lifestyle: An Ayurvedic Approach - A workshop by Kerry Heath-Sinkin
The principles of Ayurveda tell us that by finding balance in the body, mind and spirit, we can keep ourselves not only free from disease, but more able to feel true happiness and contentment. During our time together we'll explore how to incorporate some of these simple, but powerful principles into your daily life.


Luna Wood
Luna Wood, a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and Birth Journey Facilitator of 20 years previously trained through the Massage Reflexology Center, DONA(Doulas of North America), ALACE(Association of Labor Assistants & Childbirth Educators), and is currently a Certified Massage Doula graduating from the advanced six month Massage Doula program at the Star Institute. She taught various programs at the Star Institute & Austin Schools of Massage and has 13 years of experience as an instructor specializing in pregnancy and childbirth. She is currently offering, swedish massage, oxygen and breathwork therapies,pre, postnatal and baby massage, cranial sacral, lymphatic, energy sessions and color readings.

Luna is presently focused on providing the highest quality education and wholistic products in her practice. She is dedicated to educating her clients and students into becoming the most conscious and relaxed human beings possible. Luna and her thirteen year old son, Niko enjoy nature, gardening, yoga and adventuring through life!


Richard Imprescia
Richard Imprescia has dedicated his life to helping people discover, develop and express their innate potential for experiencing the full life.

He began his professional career as a research scientist for Los Alamos National Laboratory. He has also worked as a project planning and management consultant to large multi- national corporations in the United States, Europe, South America, Africa, India and Australia. Richard left the scientific arena to follow a major shift in emphasis by becoming a minister, and is presently senior minister of Austin Center for Spiritual Living.

Richard is author of the book, Have a Complete Life Now: Live From Your Inner Power, makes his home with his wife Marsha, in Austin, Texas and has four cats. He holds bachelor and master degrees in engineering, and a doctorate of divinity.

Living a Life That Matters: Led by Richard Imprescia
Albert Schweitzer said, “I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know: the ones among you who will be really happy, are those who have sought and found how to serve. “ We must begin to think in terms of rendering service, of being agents for the highest good in the world. This way, we truly make a difference and have a life that matters.


Zakiyyah Kareem
Zakiyyah Kareem (RYT-200) fell in love with yoga while studying psychology at UT Austin in the late 90s. That love blossomed into passion during an inspiring yoga class on the lush and tropical Big Island of Hawaii in 2006. In 2008 Zakiyyah became a registered 200 hour yoga teacher( RYT) through Yoga Alliance and has since received over 300 hours in advanced study from Shiva Rea, Tias Little, Murti Hower, Gioconda Parker, Rusty Wells, and other amazing teachers on the path.

Zakiyyah’s teaches a vinyasa flow style of hatha yoga that connects students to their bodies through breath and mental focus. Once our mind, body and breath become still, our restless mental chatter is quieted and our inner wisdom can be heard. Students can expect to reconnect their bodies through creative sequences of yoga poses that focus on building strength, balance, and alignment. Zakiyyah teaches classes for teens and adults.

In addition to teaching, Zakiyyah is active in the education nonprofit sector in Austin where she works to give young people the tools to make a positive impact on the world around them.

Rest & Restore - An Evening Yoga Practice - A yoga class by Zakiyyah Kareem
“Samskara saksat karanat purvajati jnanam”
Through sustained focus and meditation on our patterns, habits, and conditioning, we gain knowledge and understanding of our past and how we can change the patterns that aren’t serving us to live more freely and fully.” ~ Yoga Sutra III.18
In this workshop you will experience stillness in your body and mind, calmly rejuvenating your spirit after a full day. We will combine breathwork with hatha yoga to reconnect with our body. Peaceful yin yoga and restorative poses will further soothe the body/mind. This workshop is especially helpful for anyone managing stress, insomnia, trauma, chronic pain, anxiety and/or depression.

Rise Shine Renew - Start Your Day Right with Yoga - A yoga class by Zakiyyah Kareem
"Choose your intention carefully and then practice holding your consciousness to it, so it becomes the guiding light in your life. - John Roger
Start your day with intention in this fun, gentle but active morning class. We will combine meditation techniques, hatha yoga and the power of intention to prepare ourselves for the day ahead. Through thoughtful sequences of poses you will gradually stretch and warm your muscles while focusing the mind. Expect to feel refreshed, renewed and ready for your day after this class.

Kirtan Meditation

We call our music ‘Kirtan Meditation’ because it is a form of meditation. There are many ways to enter that space of intimate silence where one touches the stillness resting below the ever-shifting surface. The breath and movement are common means to access this sublime realm of ‘Self’; music is another. Kirtan is an ancient practice of call and response music which is perfectly formulated to usher one, even the novice, into this sacred space of stillness. Sanscrit mantras are used to focus the mind while the music sweeps in and opens the heart. When one enters into this practice with sincerity (meaning doing the best one can, letting go of hesitations and insecurities, giving 100 percent), then the outcome can be truly spectacular. But it takes sincerity.

Traditionally, each mantra has a specific intent. Songs to the Ganesh are meant to remove obstacles blocking our path. Songs to the goddess Saraswati are prayers for higher knowledge. While reflecting on the intention of the specific mantra might help to deepen our practice, it is not a necessary component of effective Kirtan. Being present and singing with sincerity is more than enough to move one into a place of clear mind and open heart. We invite you to join us in uniting our voices for peace.


Please bring the following:

  • A Yoga mat and any props that you may need
  • Water bottle with lid
  • Notebook and pen, if you like to take notes
  • Extra cash or check if you are interested to purchase gifts from Radha Madhav Dham shop and on-site massage etc.
  • Flashlight
  • Comfortable shoes if you would like to enjoy walking at Radha Madhav Dham
  • Please leave valuables at home

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Refund Policy

You can receive full refund of your payment minus $75, if you inform us 30 days before the starting of the retreat. $125 will be deducted from your payment in case cancellation is done less than 30 days before the starting of the retreat. There will be no refunds for no-shows or cancellation after April 20, 2014.

Continuing Education Units

Yoga Alliance CEUs are available on request.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Yoga Retreat/Vacation?
Usually when we go for holidays for recreation, we become so tired that after coming back, we need another holiday to rejuvenate. A retreat should rejuvenate us while also giving us practical techniques for physical, mental and emotional well-being.

It is time to step back from everyday stresses and strains and put things back into perspective. A retreat is good for recreation, but it is more about "re-creation". It gives you the perfect environment to relax, rethink the direction of your life and enjoy great activities. It is an opportunity to spend time with oneself, and reconnect with nature while enjoying the company of like-minded people - a wonderful long-term friendship can spring from such retreats. More importantly, a Yoga Retreat provides a clearer direction towards a peaceful way of existence. It develops an increased capacity to resolve the inner turmoil and anxieties that are experienced every single day.

What is the difference between a Yoga Class and Yoga Retreat?
Have you ever felt peace, serenity and sense of well-being after attending a Yoga class? If your answer is "yes", it is time to learn more tools of transformation in a retreat that can extend "after Yoga class" peace and joy in your day-today activities. It is an opportunity to leave behind clamors of daily life to deepen your Yoga practice, build true strength and enlighten your spirit.

Who is organizing this Retreat?
Jogi Bhagat, RYT(500), Certified Yoga Instructor, Therapist and Teacher Trainer is organizing this Retreat. He has studied with renowned Masters in India, Europe and US, including TKV Desikachar and Swami Ramdev. ( ) If you have never attended his classes, you are welcome to try out a free class and this will give you an idea of this retreat.

What is special about Radha Madhav Dham Ashram?
Not everyone has the money or time to take a Yoga Retreat in Fiji, Hawaii or Bali. Sometimes paradise can be found right at home. To this end, we created Om Shanti Yoga Retreat at Radha Madhav Dham Ashram. This Ashram's serene and beautiful environment provides an ideal location for a lot of fun filled and stress busting activities.

Can I attend the Retreat without staying at Radha Madhav Dham?
It is better to stay at Radha Madhav Dham Ashram for a true immersion experience. But, staying at Radha Madhav Dham during the retreat is optional.
In case, you decide not to stay at Radha Madhav Dham during the Retreat, you will only need to pay for your meals plus a $15 per person/per day commuter fee that Radha Madhav Dham charges us. The cost for each meal is $ 10. If you wish, you can bring your own vegetarian meals and keep in a small refrigerator at Ancient Yoga Center. There is a microwave also for warming up food.

Can I attend the Retreat just on Friday, Saturday or Sunday?
Yes, it is possible. Following are the rates, including meals and commuter fee:
Friday, April 25th: $85
Saturday, April 26th $185
Sunday, April 27th: $ 130

Don't miss this powerful opportunity to leave behind clamors of daily life,
and engage in a weekend of connection and renewal.

For questions and concerns, contact Jogi 512-963-8364 and