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Yoga for Flexibility, Muscular Strength, Balance and Stress Management

"When I first began exercising, I was using weight equipment to strengthen and tone my body. Almost as an after-thought, I decided to take Jogi’s Yoga class to keep my muscles from becoming tight and inflexible. What a happy surprise! I not only became more flexible but also improved my coordination, my balance, and – to my delight – my muscular strength!

Jogi also helped me understand that Yoga is about patiently listening to my body rather than pushing myself or comparing myself to anyone else. As for the breathing and relaxation techniques, they are so easy and enjoyable that I do them any time I am beginning to feel scattered or stressed. The benefits of Yoga are truly amazing."

Rev. Nancy G. Walker

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Yoga in Recovery from Major Surgery and building Strength and Flexibility

"Jogi’s class has been a vital part of my recovery from major surgery. Jogi took the time to understand my limitations and recommend exercises that have allowed me to gradually build strength and flexibility. His instruction has always been clear, direct, and explicit. He consistently encourages students to respect and listen to their bodies during yoga practice to avoid injury and promote healing. Jogi expresses a genuine compassion for the well being of his students. I enthusiastically recommend him for anyone interested in yoga as a means to create and maintain health."

— Michael Finney


Yoga for Parkinson's Disease and more

" As a person with Parkinson's Disease, the classes I have been taking with Jogi over the past two years have been enormously helpful. They have helped with balance, strength and flexibility, but they have been more than a physical aid alone. His classes have also afforded me a perspective on fear, security and peace which has sustained my spirit as well."

— Michael Holder


Little Piece of Heaven Twice a Week

" I have practiced yoga with Jogi for about a year now. I must say that I look forward to my "little piece of heaven twice a week". Jogi is so kind and patient with his students. He really watches and makes sure you are doing the poses in the correct way so as not to hurt yourself. He shows alternative poses for those who are not able to do a particular pose. I always feel so stress free after leaving his class. He has such a gentle voice and makes you feel at peace each time you go to his class. I feel very fortunate to be able to have him as a teacher."

— Becky Nolan


Yoga for Joint and Back Issues

"I think that Jogi is one of the best and most careful yoga teachers I have ever had. He is wonderful working with anyone with joint or back issues, always showing modified positions and taking time after class to answer questions and provide personal help."

— Judy Sanford


Yoga for Knee Issues

"I must tell you Jogi that after last night’s class, my knee feels much, much better. I could hardly bend it before class, and today it is almost back to normal."

Judy Julian


Yoga for Flexibility, Relief from Pain, Blood Pressure and Weight Loss

"Yoga has been the perfect complimentary activity to work along with my daily life. Although my muscles are still tight, I can tell that there is increased flexibility. The pain in my shoulders and upper back is gone. I am getting better at stilling my mind so that I can either enjoy the moment – or get past something unpleasant that has presented itself to me. I am confident that the gentle movements and twisting has helped to stimulate my internal organs to move the poisons out of my body. I mostly enjoy the instant gratification that a session, either in class or on my own provides me. I end up relaxed and energized all at the same time!

The physical results are another added bonus – I’ve lost 9 lbs – and about 8 inches overall. I have been able to reduce the dose of my blood pressure medicine and hope to be off of it completely over time. My white blood cell count is very low right now because of radiation – and yet I feel both healthy and happy. I think that the combination of yoga and a more mindful diet has helped me to achieve this
Thank you, Jogi, for helping make it so."

— Andrea Dehne


Yoga for Depression & Anxiety

"Jogi’s sessions have helped me with my anxiety and depression. They have taught me to control my breathing and increase my level of concentration. His personalized program has benefited me greatly and I look forward to each session he teaches."

Mary Avila


Beginner Yoga for Weight and Stress Management

"I had heard about Yoga, but never practiced. Once I started, I was pleasantly surprised to see my energy level rise and my pants get looser. Apart from improving my stamina, strength and flexibility, it made me a happier person. Now I am peace with myself."

Chad Holt


Yoga for Seniors... for Sleeping Well... for Back Pain, etc.

"When I first went to Jogi’s class about 6 weeks ago it was my first experience with Yoga (at age 61). I was just trying it out because I had a few health challenges (back pain, not sleeping well) and wondered if Yoga might help. In the first class I didn’t know any of the poses, but Jogi made it very clear what to do. When I was awkward and couldn’t do the pose, he gave alternatives and even individual help. I was afraid I might be embarrassed, but Jogi was always encouraging and supportive. He also offered to talk to individuals before or after class about any health issues they might have. He gave me some exercises to do that helped my back pain. I remember asking him how often one should do Yoga and he smiled and said he did it every day. So I started coming to 4 of his classes every week when I could and also did some exercises at home. After about 6 weeks, I am much more flexible, have less pain, and am sleeping better! Through Jogi’s instruction I have learned to relax and listen to my body. I am very grateful that I stumbled into Jogi’s Yoga class!"

Vicki Spencer


Stretching of Body and Soul

"Though past the 50-plus age requirement for the Lamar Senior Activity Center, I thought I was too lively to hang out there. But I figured the affordable yoga class was worth a try. So, twice a week for three years, I've been stretching body and soul under the spell of Jogi Bhagat. It gives me the energy to keep up with three young grandsons"

Jan Dawes


Yoga for Joyful Living

"Master Jogi is the key to health and wholeness. What a blessing he is. I truly feel blessed every time I am in the Yoga class."

Angela M. Holman

"I love every minute of the class and am feeling better and better every day. Thank you Jogi for always being available to answer questions and to discuss the class."

Kim Brown


Easy instruction

"I am very glad that I have had the opportunity to take yoga classes with you. You are one of the best instructors that I have met. Since I began to practice yoga , it is amazing how you have made me feel with your easy instructions even in the more complicated asanas and pranayamas. I really enjoy and love your classes and it was an honor for me to be in your class. Thank you so much Jogi!"

Monica Cano